Fresh, tasty and easy to prepare.

Store in the fridge

LaVita is a natural product, produced without preservatives or other additives. Thanks to the particularly gentle production of the concentrate, the quality of the ingredients is naturally preserved for a long time. Unopened, LaVita remains fresh for about 5 months. Once opened, LaVita has a shelf life of 70 to 90 days (see label on the bottle).

Place the bottle(s) in the refrigerator after receipt (even if unopened).

Integrate into everyday life

Make LaVita a regular part of your daily routine – for example, take it first thing in the morning to start your day and, if needed, have a second serving in the afternoon or evening (wait about 3 to 4 hours between servings).


Simple and convenient: For one serving, stir one tablespoon of LaVita (10 ml) into 50-100 ml of still water.

Pour 50-100 ml of still water into a glass
Add 1 tablespoon (10 ml) of LaVita concentrate
Stir well before drinking

How to use LaVita


Getting started with LaVita (for the first time) – the first 75 days
The effect of LaVita starts in the cells. For the first 75 days, we recommend two servings of LaVita daily – approximately after this period, the majority of our body’s cells will have renewed themselves once on average. You should wait at least 3 hours between servings.

After the first 75 days
As a basic supplementation for a healthy person, we recommend one serving of LaVita a day (10 ml). To ensure an optimal supply of micronutrients or for people who need extra micronutrients (see box), we recommend to continue taking two servings of LaVita after the first 75 days.


As soon as they eat at the table with adults up to the age of 6
1 teaspoon of LaVita (5 ml) daily stirred into a glass of water.

 From the age of 6
1 tablespoon of LaVita (10 ml) daily stirred into a glass of water.

Extra need for vitamins and trace elements

People often need extra micronutrients. For example, people under stress or physical or mental pressure and especially if you take medications – this includes painkillers, allergy medications and the contraceptive pill.

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