Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about LaVita.

LaVita is a plant-based micronutrient concentrate. It contains over 70 natural ingredients such as different kinds of vegetables, ripe fruit, herbs and vegetable oils. With LaVita we can conveniently and holistically optimise our daily supply of vitamins and trace elements every single day. LaVita combines all essential micronutrients, enzymes and numerous secondary plant substances in their natural balance in one product.

LaVita provides our cells with all important vitamins and trace elements in scientifically proven dosages and in their natural environment (see nutritional table). The high cell bioavailability of the ingredients has been confirmed by a large, internationally published study*.

* Neuroendocrinology Lett. 2015 Sept 12; 36(4):337-347, head of study: Prof. Mosgoeller, University of Vienna

One tablespoon (10 ml) of LaVita stirred into 50-100 ml of water makes one serving.

Getting started (for the first time): For the first 75 days, we recommend two servings daily (10 ml of LaVita per serving, mixed with 50 to 100 ml of water). Approximately after this period, the majority of our body's cells will have renewed themselves once on average.

Optimal supplementation: For optimal care and when under extra pressure from stress, pregnancy, illness, taking medication or eating a suboptimal diet, we recommend two servings daily.

Basic supplementation: One serving a day is sufficient as a basic supplementation for a healthy person.

The micronutrient concentrate LaVita is a natural product that is produced gently and without preservatives. That's why LaVita is only available directly from us. As soon as your order is placed, we deliver it directly to you without any intermediaries. This ensures that LaVita is always fresh when you receive it.

One tablespoon (10 ml) of LaVita stirred into 50-100 ml of water makes one serving. This means that a 500 ml bottle lasts for 50 days (based on a basic supplementation of 1 serving per day).

LaVita is a natural product that contains no preservatives and is not heated during production. This means that the bottle should be stored in the fridge from the start, even if unopened. LaVita keeps for approx. 5 months from the day of delivery (for best-before date, see label). Once opened, LaVita should be consumed within 70 to 90 days. Within the best-before date, we guarantee outstanding freshness and quality.

Yes, LaVita is guaranteed lactose- and gluten-free, as confirmed by regular analyses carried out by our quality assurance department.

Yes! During periods of growth, LaVita delivers valuable vitamins and trace elements. Experience has also shown that children love the taste of LaVita.

Our recommendation:

Children, as soon as they eat at the table with adults: 1 serving daily of 5 ml with 50 ml of still water.
Children from 6 years old: 1 serving daily of 10 ml with 50 to 100 ml of water.
Adolescents: 1 or 2 servings daily of 10 ml with 100 ml of water.

Mix 10 ml of LaVita (= 1 tablespoon) with 50-100 ml of still water (= 1 serving). As a basic supplementation, one serving a day is sufficient; two servings (at least 3 hours between servings) provide optimal supplementation.

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