Nutrition table

Micronutrients100 ml LaVita ready drink1% per 100 ml ready drink22x10 ml LaVita3
Vitamin C300 mg375
Vitamin E30 mg250
Vitamin A (as beta carotene)417 µg RE*52
Vitamin B13 mg273
Vitamin B22,5 mg179
Niacin15 mg94
Pantothenic acid8 mg133
Vitamin B62,5 mg179
Folic acid200 µg100
Vitamin B125 µg200
Biotin50 µg100
Vitamin K30 µg40
Vitamin D400 I.E. / 10 µg200
Magnesium30 mg860%
Selenium35 µg64
Copper0,25 mg25
Iron4 mg29
Zinc5 mg50
Manganese1 mg50
Chromium20 µg50
Iodine50 µg33
Molybdenum30 µg60
Nutritional values100 ml LaVita ready drink1
Energy98 kJ / 24 kcal
Fat - of which saturated fatty acids0,32 g 0,06 g
Carbohydrates - of which sugar4,9 g 3,9 g
Protein0,26 g
Salt< 0,1 g
1Our basic recommendation is 10 ml LaVita (about 1 tablespoon) + 90 ml water.
2Proportion of the reference values for daily intake according to the European Food Information Regulation (FIC Regulation)
3Our recommendation for optimal care: 2x10 ml LaVita daily (mixed in water) covers the recommended daily nutrient intake. Based on: 'Handbuch der Orthomolekularen Medizin' (Dietl/Ohlenschlaeger) and the latest findings of nutritional science
Please make sure you eat a varied and balanced diet and pursue a healthy lifestyle.
*RE = retinol equivalent